Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply penetrative massage performed using heated Basalt stones in place of the therapist’s hands. Due to their rich iron content these stones have a wonderful ability to store heat which helps to soothe the nervous system and comfort the muscles, facilitating the release of chronic muscular tension. A power-packed technique, one stroke with the stone is said to be worth seven with the hand. Hot Stone Massage is available as a complete full body treatment or can be incorporated into a Sports or Remedial Massage to help release specific trouble spots.  The use of cold marble stones is ideal for acute injuries where there is inflammation, swelling, pain and reduced mobility.  The combination of alternating hot and cold stones in a specific area can be extremely effective.  This technique is known as 'contrast bathing'.  It pumps fresh blood through the area which in turn reduces swelling and is also excellent for chronic muscular and joint pain.