Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is one of life’s most challenging events as well as one of the most rewarding. Massage is a great way to help mind and body to adapt to the physical and emotional changes it experiences during this period.


Each trimester brings with it different physical and emotional changes and challenges.  My treatments take all these changes into consideration and are adapted accordingly to help ease symptoms such as morning sickness, carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain, swelling and insomnia, as well as helping the client to relax in preparation for the birth.


After 40 weeks specific acupressure points can be stimulated to help encourage labour (but rest assured that no amount of pressing or poking will bring a baby into the world before it is ready).


If someone wants a deeper massage, I am very happy to do this.  I work with the greatest care, respect and safety, always making sure to communicate clearly with each client.  Pregnant women have a natural instinct for knowing what feels right - I like to honour this.